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This site is dedicated to the practice and promotion of Southern Praying Mantis system of Kung Fu in all its branches and variations. We offer Master Paul Whitrod's Chow Gar instructional materials and hope that practitioners of any martial art will learn, benefit, grow and share.

Our thanks to Master Whitrod for making these DVD's available to us and allowing us to take part in its dissemination to anyone who wishes to learn Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. We hope that other leaders in their respective branch, clan, style or tradition will likewise go against the culture of distrust and instead begin making their style available to the public. We must remember that deep understanding does not come without a huge investment in time and effort and that watching a DVD will not convey the knowledge that comes only from regular training, and the experience of doing and working the methods and techniques over and over. So, secrets will never go to anyone who has not paid the proper price and has gained the necessary insight to properly see. 


 Sifu Paul Whitrod's Complete Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu Instructional Series 

We honor and respect all branches of this wonderful art and hope to help foster research, investigation, sharing and cross-pollination between the various manifestations with the goal of better understanding and furthering the development of this amazing martial art.

It is therefore our wish to be able to make more material accessible to all, to begin this process of interchanging of knowledge at the level of the practitioner and student, so that perhaps the high level knowledge holders, the Masters and Sifu's will see the benefit and put away differences for the betterment of the system.

We believe that there is great knowledge potential in the investigation and discovery of how things evolve and branch out from a single trunk. Hidden in the differences is key to the higher levels.

Chow Gar, Chu Gar, Chu Ka, Jook Lum, Nam Tong Long, Tit Ngsau and all others who share the same roots, if we can understand the reasons behind the nuances, preferences, perspectives, we may then be able to better understand other related styles from Hakka heritage and the influence. 

 As we toil towards our lofty goal, it is our primary intent to assist the individual martial artist in his/her personal journey. It is a difficult path, lonely, demanding, exhausting, painful, and full of side roads and wrong turns. We would like to help by providing quality instructional materials and training aids, as well as solid guidance and information so that the practitioner can be informed and choose his or her direction devoting their energies primarily to their training and avoiding conflict, confusion and loss of motivation. 

Our mission is not a self-less one, for as we contribute in any minimal way to your growth, we grow as martial artists as well. 


We are now offering the famous Chow Gar healing and training herbal formula. This is the same formula that Sifu Whitrod teaches in the Dit Dar/Dim Mak/Dim Yuet dvd of the series. You can now purchase this formula in bottled, ready to use form. This liniment is aged for a minimum of 1 year and is made with the highest quality herbs, special chinese wine providing the best extraction of the herbal essence and to the exact formula that has been passed down generation to generation.


For those of you who want to make your own healing liniment, the formula and step by step instructions on how to make this liniment, we have put together 2 bundles to assist you. The first is for those of you who have access to herbs and can procure the herbs for this formula. The formula is given in the Dit Dar DVD so bundle #1 includes the DVD and 1 bottle of ready to use liniment. This will get you started using the liniment while you procure the herbs, prepare and age the formula. 

The second bundle is for those of you who do not have access to herbs. This bundle includes the herbs in a ready to make pack. The pack contains all of herbs in the correct quantities and is ready for you to mix with an appropriate Alcohol base and age. The bundle also includes the Dit Dar DVD so you can learn how to make the healing liniment and to help you identify each of the herbs in the herb pack. Finally, we include a bottle of ready to use liniment so you can use for your healing, strengthening and practice while your batch ages.